Thursday, September 22, 2011

Don't Leave Home Without It!

Your grocery list that is!  I really strive to run an efficient household and it shouldn't be too hard with just a hubby and one kiddo (right now), right? But I have learned that the little things really make a HUGE difference and I thought I could share those things that help me out - maybe they will help someone else out!

How many times have you opened your pantry and it is overflowing but there is NOTHING to make for dinner?  Or when is the last time you cleaned out your pantry/fridge and when you did, you threw out quite a bit of expired stuff?  Yeah, happened to me a lot too, before I started making a grocery list and sticking to it.

So, here are my Suzy Homemaker tips for groceries:

1.  Keep a notepad in your kitchen.  When you see that you are almost out of something, put it on the list right then. 

2.  I try to go shopping around the same time every week (Sunday or Monday) so that I have learned my family's consumption on the basics, also I am not big on having to go more than once a week.  We are lucky to have an extra fridge, so I can stock up on a few gallons of milk to have for spares. 

3.  I inventory before I make my list.  I take a look at what I have in the fridge and pantry to see what I need to use up soon.  Using what we already have to figure out the weekly meals helps out a lot with wasting of food (I was so guilty of it in the past).

4.  When I make my final list, I plan out to the final ingredients/sides to 3-4 meals for the week and I write those meals at the top of my list so they are a reminder of what I am focused on for the week.  I usually try to do a beef, chicken, veggie and/or fish, just to have some variety, and I also look at the grocery ads on Sunday to see what is on sale and that helps with the weekly menu.  I look at our calendar for the week to see what nights will be best for leftovers. 
4. Even though I'll have a full list written out, I will re-write it in aisle order - sounds silly but it means I don't zig zag all over the store with Wyatt in tow and letting my cold stuff get warm.  A few minutes at home saves more than a few at the store.

5.  I only buy what's on the list (okay okay, now that I am preggers, I sometimes crave a random type of cookie) but all in all, I very rarely get anything that is not on my list. 

6. I carry a pen and mark off my list as I put it in the cart, so I don't get home and realize I forgot something on my list (having the list in order also helps with this).

7. I go thru my coupons before I leave and put them in a ziploc bag of the things I will buy so I don't have to fiddle with them at the store, just hand them over at the register. 

Anybody else have any great grocery tips to share???


  1. Have you tried apps for list making? I have Grocery IQ and so my list is always with me! I user to misplace lists that I started early in the week but this I can't lose! You can also put in the cost of the items as you cross them off so you know what you are spending. I love it!

  2. I don't have an iPhone....but I bet I could get it for my iPad and then send it to myself to print out or something! Thanks ladies! AWESOME!