Monday, September 12, 2011

Pinterest Project # 1 : Homemade Hand Scrub

DANG YOU PINTEREST! As if I don't have enough projects on my to-do list already, now you have added a zillion more!

Pinterest Project #1: Homemade Hand Scrub

I admit I never wear rubber gloves when doing the dishes or cleaning the bathrooms.  I bite my nails (which makes my cuticles also nasty) and my hands look like "workin' man hands".  They are dried out and rough.  Here's the solution!

I used THIS recipe - sort of.  Just kind of winged it and did equal parts brown and regular sugar and some EVOO and a few teaspoons of vanilla for scent.  I have just used it and my hands feel incredible (followed it up with just some run-of-the-mill lotion)!  I can't wait to try different variations and find other scents to add to it (thinking holiday scents to be given as gifts and also maybe some sort of mint for a foot scrub??!?!).

**The only thing I would change is use mineral oil instead of hands smell a little "italian kitchen" even with the vanilla added.

Thanks Pinterest!  This is definitely not my first project inspired by you!

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  1. I was thinking almond oil or coconut oil might be yummy, too???

  2. OOH, good thinking Krista. I keep it under my kitchen sink right now, but I would love to have some in the shower for an all-over scrub as well.