Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pinterest Project #2 : Faux Roman Shades

My breakfast nook has lovely (ahem, please note the extreme sarcasm) metal framed windows.  We eventually are going to replace all the windows in our house, but for now they are super energy efficient and FREE, so we are going to wait until a future date for that project.  In the meantime, I wanted to make them prettier and JB (who has very little opinions on how our home should be decorated) feels very strongly about not blocking the light and view to our backyard (not that it is a beautiful oasis, but we like seeing nature). 

So, it only took about an hour total (broke it up into a couple of naptimes) and I have some window treatments.  And it only took the following:

6 tension rods from Target (I think around $3 each on sale - so $20 bucks total)
1 60x90 tablecloth from World Market (on sale for $29.99)
Stitch Witchery (the most amazing stuff ever)

No, I forgot to take before shot and only have a couple "in progress" shots.  I am too lazy to take them down to take pics, but HERE is the tutorial I used as a guide.

1.  I cut the tablecloth in half so that it was 45 x 60.  The tutorial said to try to have the fabric be the length of your windows (mine are 72, but I decided it was close enough, especially since I wanted them to be short).

2.  I trimmed the fabric from 45 inches to 37 inches and then used an iron and stitch witchery to make a nice 1 inch rolled hem that matched the already sewn 1 inch hem on the other side.

Sorry, I couldn't get it to turn - but you get the idea.
3.  Then I folded the material in half with the "good side" out (this is where I did something different from the guide).  The guide said to iron/sew a seam so that when you do it the good sides are together and then you flip it, but since I had a nice hem already, I just joined them together with the good side out.  See?

The fabric/tablecloth is not my favorite but it was good to try out and matches some of the colors in my house - best thing about it is that it is cheap and easy and I could easily replace it!
4.  Finally, you hang the fabric (probably need to look at the guide to do this.  Basically you put your first tension rod thru the halved fabric at the very top and then space the next 2 evenly down the window and drape the materially over it.  I think it would probably work best to figure out how you want it and then iron in the creases better.  Also, what is super cool is that they look the same from the inside and outside, so from the patio view they look great as well!



  1. Love this idea! Are you available to come over & do this at our house? :)

  2. Look great! Really pretty fabric. :) -Allena