Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What's Up, Wyatt?

Haven't posted pics of the little man in a while.  Here is what he's been up to lately!


Age: 21 months next week.
Favorite Foods: Apples, Grapes, Olives (black and green), French Fries, Waffles, and Pizza
Favorite Activity: Playing with the water hose in the backyard (helping momma water the trees) - being outside at all is what is most fun for Wy.  He loves to explore and dig in the dirt (all boy).
Favorite Toys: Anything choo-choos is top dog right now.  He goes to sleep talking about choo-choos and wakes up asking about them.  He also loves reading books in his "new chair" (his glider moved to baby girl's room and was replaced with a big comfy recliner that had been in the man cave).  He is a puzzle WIZARD. Yes, everyone thinks their child is super smart, but seriously, the kid is amazing with puzzles. 
Speech: Wy "talks" a lot but mainly only we can understand him.  He has some very clear words, like Turtle, Noodles, Cracker, Cookies, Goose, Car, No, Purple, etc... and a few people's names that are very clear, but other than that he has a zillion "wyatt words".  He does a ton of animal noises and can identify (by pointing out) a massive amount of animals in his Noah's Ark book (what other kid his age knows bison, walrus and otter - at least I think it is pretty good).  But when you ask him to say cow, he "moos" and looks at you like "I AM saying cow, crazy!"
Wyatt: He is such a sweet boy.  He gives random hugs and kisses, has tons of energy and tons of laughs and is a just a happy kid all around.   He is so focused for such a little guy and detail oriented. He lines up his cars, choo-choos and animals and makes them slide down the couch in an orderly fashion.  It cracks us up how OCD he is (but he comes by it honestly).  If he does "pitch a fit" it just involves him hitting the floor for about 5 seconds and if you walk away he pops up and is his happy self again.  He loves to cuddle and talk in his chair before nap and bedtime and I am trying to cherish those times where it is just he and I with no interruptions.  I am so lucky to be his Mommy.

So, what has he been up to lately??? *note, some of these are pics from my phone so ignore the poor quality.

Lining up his toys on the back of his chair.

When your mommy's OB appt lasts for 2 hours b/c Dr. S got pulled away on a delivery, you get to play with glove balloons!

You take my child to the mall and he immediately requests a cookie, to ride the carousel (not at our mall, but my sister's) and to go see the fountains.  Here he is enjoying not only a cookie but a chocolate shake - yeah, Mommy was a sucker that day.

We spend a ton of time outside (yeah and sometimes we do it in our pjs) but we always have the radio on with us while we are weeding.  Wyatt likes to change the channel and turn up the volume and dance. It is so funny.

And here is the amazing train table that we got as a hand-me-down from Cousin Grace and Cousin Tessa.  It is a HUGE hit.  I set it up during nap time and when he woke up and came down the hall and saw it, you would have thought it was Christmas morning.  he spends a LOT of time at the choo-choo table.

Wy has also discovered forts or "tents" as we call them and asks me to set him one up almost everyday. 


  1. I love that he gets cookies and milkshakes at the does Landon! It buys me time :-)

  2. Wyatt knows bison, but Trent knows excavator, skid steer, bobcat... It is pretty darn cool, huh? LOVE the train set. We have just a figure 8 and a ton of trains but would love a table like that! It is obvious how much y'all love Wyatt! -Allena