Friday, October 14, 2011

Abigail's Arrival

You'll have to forgive the scattered nature of this post. I actually wrote the majority of it 14 hours after Abigail's arrival, so I could remember everything. I have edited it some, but left my random thoughts in as well.  As I use this blog also for her "baby book", this will be a long detailed post...feel free to just skip ahead to pictures.

We headed in at 7:30am on Thursday morning.  I was so nervous, I barely slept the night before.  I was so anxious that the delivery go well and anxious about becoming a mom of 2 and super anxious about leaving Wyatt (not knowing how long it woud be before I got to see him again).  Although I didn't sleep much, I did finally fall asleep early in the morning and woke up at 6:30am. Of course we didn't set an alarm b/c Wyatt has been waking at 5:45am and this morning when I REALLY wanted him to be up so I could spend some time with him, he was sleeping in.  I jumped in the shower quickly and hollered at JB to get up.  JuJu was arriving at 7am to take over care of Wyatt.  I threw on some clothes quickly, knowing I'd be taking them off as soon as I got to the hospital and they gave me my gown and hustled JB along.  I threw the last of my toiletries in my bag and finally heard Wyatt waking up.  JuJu arrived and we headed out, without too much godobye fanfare to upset Wyatt.  In fact he would barely even give us kisses, the little toot.

We arrived and they got us checked in.  Nana and Grandad texted to say they had arrived but were grabbing a breakfast taco at Fuzzy's while we checked in. We were shown to our room and I was given a gown. The room was ENORMOUS with two small loveseats and a rocking chair (3 times the delivery room we had for Wyatt).

Here are my last "belly pics" at 39 weeks exactly.

I am still in awe of how fast the amazing day went.  More than anything I was grateful for God's guidance and Him helping me give the day over to what it was to be - a day about YOU.  I had been praying constantly that He would help me be able to release my anxiety about everything, especially how your arrival would affect Wyatt and to be able to be in the moment with you.  God granted me so much serenity that day.

There were some power outages/surges going on at the hospital so it took a bit of time before they "got us going".  They also had to do my lab work to check my platelets.  I was at 104 and the anesthisiologist was good to do the epidural.  The LD floor was a buzz...they were totally full and Abigail was going to share her birthday with lots of friends.  Dr. D came in and met with me and we got things going.  They broke my water at 10:30 (I was at 3cm) and started the pitocin.  The contractions started coming, but not super strong or quick at first, so they finally started up'ing the dose.  We hung out, I updated my Fantasy Football team and played soduko on the iPad to keep my mind off the contractions.

I went ahead and asked for the epidural at around noon.  I asked for it fairly early as I was already close to 4cm at that point and didn't know how long it would take to get it (it took an hour with Wyatt). Dr. Leach came super fast (even though our nurse Cathy, made the comment she didnt call it in until 15 minutes after I asked her. Uh, why??).

The epidural was uncomfortable - it is a needle in your back- but I did well only let out one little squeak when they first put it in.  I started getting instant relief and apparently it also relaxed my body so the contractions could do their job. They checked me after the epi and I was a good 4.5 cm.

We were joking I should have Abigail by 3:19pm (which was the first pitch time for the Rangers game). Around 1:30pm, I started telling everyone that I was really feeling a lot of pressure, everyone kept asking if they should get the nurse as maybe my epi wasn't working. I, it is not pain just pressure. Nurse came in probably around 1:45 and I tell her about my pressure. She checked my IV fluids and said she'd be back in 15 minutes to check my progress after she moved someone to post partum. At 2pm she checked me and laughed - I was at 10cm and baby girl's head was right there. My sister, Amanda, had come up to the hospital and they told me that I could have 3 people in the room.  We tried to convince Dad to stay, but he said he prefered to wait outside, so JB, my Mom and Amanda got to be with me as Abigail came into the world.

She went and got the doc and Dr. D came in and looked at us curiously as they had just now started to setup and she asked why Cathy hasn't started me pushing "because we'd have the baby if she already pushed!" said Cathy. " I have heard that before!" said Dr. D. I start pushing at around 2:15pm. They told me to push with each contraction but I did not want to take a break. They say I pushed 3 times (basically 3 times of holding my breath and bearing down).  She came out super fast.

Abigail Jane Strong was born on Thursday, October 13, 2011 at 2:19pm. She weighed 7lbs, 6 oz and was measured to be 18.5 inches long, but we don't think they stretched her little legs out.  And her head circumfrance was 33 cm.  She scored 9's on her 1 minute and 5 minute apgar test.  Healthy baby girl!
JB cut the umbilical cord and they handed her straight to me - she looked so tiny, but Dr. D commented she was a good 7 lbs. She had so much dark hair and my mom ran down the hall to grab my Daddy, who had barely made it down to the family waiting room. Dr. D says I have only torn a small bit and put two tiny stitches in and said she even debated about doing that.

She was crying some, but pretty mellow. They gave her a bath in the delivery room as they were still waiting for my epi to wear off so they could move me. Abigail fussed so much when they were scrubbing her hair, but when they let her sit in teh tub, she instantly relaxed.  She is going to love her baths like her big brother. 

After Grandad got to hold her a bit, he had to head back home for work the next day and we didn't want him exhausted so we put him on the road.  Nana went home to switch out taking care of Wyatt, so JuJu and Doc could come meet their new granddaughter.  Everyone was so excited to meet you, sweet girl!  And we were so proud to show you off!

Aunt Amanda

JuJu (I never have pics of Doc b/c he is always buzzing around with his own camera).

Proud Daddy

NaNa, so excited about her dark-haired girl

Grandad and his 5th little granddaughter.  Whew, my poor Daddy puts up with SO many women :)
Abigail, sweet baby, you are beautiful and I am so excited to have a little dark-haired baby that just might possibly resemble her mommy!  Wyatt was so short and stocky, but you are long and lean.  My pain was very minimal...more of just a discomfort when I sit as I am pretty dang swollen around my bottom (normal for having her so quickly). You were good to your Momma! I am still in awe of how easy and quickly everything went.  Thank you God for a beautiful, fast and healthly delivery.

14 hours post partum..........random thoughts to my daughter.........

To My Sweet Girl:

I am awake, it is 4am and I am wandering the halls of the post-partum wing in my pajamas.  I just weighed myself....120 lbs. I am so swollen and pufffy from all the fluids and I slept for a couple hours, but was on one side, so I am significantly pudgier on the right side now. You and daddy are sleeping soundly.  I walk the floors but stop periodically to check on the two of you.  I looked at a lot of babies in the nursery. Harris SW has a policy that babies should room in 23 of the 24 hrs a day but I think some mommies have sent their babies to the nursery so they can sleep better. I chuckle at the signs in the hallway that say "Here at Harris, mommies and babies room together". I think " Nope, daddies and babies sleep while mommies walk the floor". Your night nurse, Stacy, is super sweet and came out to visit with me when she saw me at the nursery window. You are a noisy little thing, you grunt and make " puppy yelping noises in your sleep". I am still not decided on your name...I think you might look like Caroline. Your daddy just keeps rolling his eyes at me. I just want you to have a name that fits you and is worthy of you.  In the Bible in 1st Samuel, I remember reading that Abigail was "discerning and beautiful".  I have filled out most of your paperwork with 'Jane' as your middle name and leaving your first name blank.  I just need to think on it a bit more. 

You are already nursing well and I am SO proud and pleased with that. 

It feels like here at the hospital is one world and back home with Wyatt is another. I know the two will merge tomorrow afternoon and that makes me excited and also very very scared. You still don't seem real to me. You are mine. I love you so much already, you resemble your big brother but with dark hair but somehow your place in our family seems fantasy to me. It will all come together tomorrow when I take you home. I am so thankful that Nana will be here the next week to help me with the transition. I am so scared of not being able to give you and Wyatt all that you need of me. I will learn to have to let things go and so will you and Wyatt. You will have to learn to share me and you will never know a world where you didn't, but I have been solely your brothers for almost 2 years now and he will need you to be patient while he figures that out.

I cannot wait to take you home and have you meet your lifelong friend and protective older brother, Wyatt.


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  1. Beautiful post. Beautiful pictures. Beautiful mommy. -Allena