Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Girl Drama

Well, they always say girls are a bunch of drama and even though Miss Thing hasn't even arrived yet, she is no exception.

Just got the call from my doctor - my levels have dropped another 10 points, but they are NOT inducing me this week. My OB was good with it but the neonatalgist says it is too risky for the baby's lungs and wants her to bake another week.  The anesthesiologist did say that I can drop another 15 points or so and they'll still be fine giving me an epidural.

SO, the plan is to go to my regular appointment on Tuesday and probably do a heavy couple days of steroids and then induce on Thursday.  Craziness.

In the urgency though, we were forced to pick a name. So, we are happy to announce she is no longer "baby girl" but.......

Abigail Jane Strong


  1. LOVE the name!! And happy you are doing okay. :) -Allena

  2. Picture?? -Allena

  3. What a sweet name! Hope all goes well with the delivery!

  4. Love the name! And get ready for even MORE drama!