Thursday, December 15, 2011

Guys and Dolls

So, for Christmas this year, I want to get Wyatt a baby doll.  Not a prissy pink one with a bow.  A cute manly cabbage patch.  My sister found one that is called the dirty to clean doll that has disappearing mud - that is manly right?  Anyway, JB thinks that is dumb, does not want me to get him one and we should just continue to diaper and burp Curious George (Wyatt designated him as his "baby"). Maybe Santa will bring him one!  I mean, come on, Daddy, are you really that caught in the dark ages that boys can't play with dolls?

Besides, if dolls are what you think are your biggest concern, you have another thing coming.  You should hear him say his favorite color is purple (his TCU horned frog Aunt Chris would love this) and when he asks me to put sister's purple bibs on him during the day while he helps me with laundry, well I always oblige!

And yes, that is a smile.  And yes, I know JB and Wyatt will kill me one day for posting this.

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  1. Trent loves baby dolls. Not as much as trash trucks but still...ha! He loves to breastfeed Elmo or baby dolls, and he loves to be pregnant with them. Brent is a little weirded out by it, but I agree 100% with you - it's totally natural and normal and adorable!!