Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pinterest Project : Felt Tree

Gotta love Pinterest ideas - a felt tree - GENIUS! I remember using felt boards in Sunday School when I was little! I know a lot of my other mom friends have made these for their toddlers. Best things about and easy to make, quiet and length entertainment for Wyatt and I don't have to store it - for as cheap as it was to make, I probably will just chunk it after the holiday season is over and make another one next year.

Also, this would make a fun gift for a friend who has a little one during the holidays. I think it keeps Wyatt from bugging our normal Christmas tree as much!


Hard at work decorating!


  1. Love it! Will have to do that next year. :-) Thanks for the idea. I'm refusing to get into pinterest because I hear it's very time, I rely on everyone else to filter out the good stuff!

  2. Such a cute idea! We will definitely be doing this next year!