Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Who's the Boss?

Well, I started this post last week explaining my disappearence from blogging and talking about the lack of schedule and total chaos that I feel was taking over my house.  I felt like no one was in charge, especially not Me!  But, I decided to delete all the whining as life has taken a turn for the more organized in the last 5 days or so (I am sure this will switch back to chaos again soon). 

For now, I am getting Abigail on some sort of eating schedule, she is sleeping well at night and I finally feel like I am back to spending some quality time with Wyatt, instead of just putting "Cars" on constant repeat.  My household chores are getting done a bit and showering has become more regular (even if, like this morning, I have to wake up at 5am to get bathed). 

But to answer the question....Who's the Boss?  Well, I suppose the two munckins still dictate most of what goes on in our household (which is as it should be).  I just hope they allow me some blogging time from now on.

Abigail with her awesome mohawk, no gel or comb can tame - 7 weeks

Wyatt's new smile :)  23 months

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