Thursday, December 22, 2011

Why I am skinny.

I took this pic on my phone the other day when I had just walked back in the kitchen from putting Wyatt down for afternoon nap.  It was my attempt at breakfast and lunch (looks like I got a little further on lunch).  Note the coffee mug was never removed from the dispenser.
I remember I had made myself a PB&J when I made Wyatt his, but just as I started to eat it, Abigail decided she wanted to nurse and it is always easier to do that when Wyatt is distracted (and strapped into his high chair eating). 

So now, when people ask me "How are you so skinny after just having a baby?" - I can show them this picture instead of going with my standard "I chase after this little guy and carry around this little girl all day."  Don't worry, this is not everyday, just some days and I make up for it in the evenings when the kids go to bed and I eat two honey-buns and a big piece of egg custard pie for dessert after dinner. 


  1. That's hysterical! And I am still 10 pounds overweight because I leave the house - ha!

  2. You also have to remember you have always been tiny, so it's natural! You are perfect no matter your size!