Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011

For the first time in a long time my family was mostly together on Christmas Eve (my oldest sister and her fam weren't able to make it).  My parents graciously agreed to come up to our house for the couple of days so that we didn't have to all make the trip with the kids and take over their house with all our crud and screaming children.  Other than having to be on the road, I think it was a much more enjoyable time for them.  Christmas morning, Wyatt enjoyed his Santa gifts, Abigail was clueless and we were able to go over and spend a relaxing morning with JuJu and Doc's.  It was a good holiday.  Next year will be even more fun with Abigail more into the holidays and I plan on getting Wyatt more involved with an 'elf on a shelf'.  (btw, saw THIS homemade one on pinterest and want to do this for my kiddos. I want their elf to be an original and something we can pass down...I probably should start now working on it)

Okay!  On to the pics!

Our Sweet Abigail
The bigger kiddos chowing down - we had the ENTIRE dining room table filled with food.  Please disregard Wyatt's white trash attire.  He had on a cute sweater but got hot and stripped down to his undershirt.
Tessa and Wyatt I think are actually sharing toys in this picture even though it looks a little "gimmie that!"  they play really well together.

Our little elf.  Wyatt could care less about unwrapping presents but thought it was fun to be the one to get to hand them out.

Grandad and Abigail - one of my favorite pics of the holidays.
Santa brought Wyatt a tricycle, Mater and Lightening for being a good boy this year.  Wyatt thought Mater and Lightening liked to ride his new tricycle better than him.  :)

Playing with his new ride.  He really did get on it, but I just can't find a picture of it.  he does okay if he goes straight but if he turns the handle bars, the pedals move too far for him....need blocks on the pedals or some platform shoes.

See my new cars!?!?

Attempt at a family photo xmas morning

Abigail smiling at silly Daddy

Wyatt showing Aunt Christal and Scott his new car.

Our Family

Smiling at Great Grandma Margaret

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