Thursday, October 11, 2012

Talking $hit to Talking Sweet

Warning, long post with lots of mommy mushy nostalgia....

Three weeks ago, we were smack dab in the middle of potty training and Wyatt was FOS (full of $hit, literally). He was holding back poop and we have long said, from past experiences, when Wyatt is fully of $hit, he acts like a little $hit. And he was in FULL force. I picked him up from preschool a Thursday afternoon and his teachers were stunned. They said he had pitched fits and was so disagreeable all day and asked if there was something going on - this was TOTALLY unlike his normal behavior. I explained our FOS issue and they both agreed if they hadn't pooped in 3 days they would likely be in just as foul a mood.

I kept Wyatt home from preschool and speech therapy all the next week - we were all suffering from awful allergies and I really wanted a full week to be able to concentrate on the poop issue (meaning i needed to pump him full of miralax until he was cleaned out).  He was AWFUL the entire week. No other way to put it.  He would randomly shove or hit Abigail.  He was being so mean to her and I, he actually made me cry a few times.  I might as well have started serving him breakfast, lunch and dinner in his time out spot, as he was spending so much time there.  I didn't know where my sweet kid had gone or if he would ever come back.  I was so dumbfounded and frustrated.  But finally he snapped out of it.

Wyatt has always been a super stoic kid (just like his Daddy). He never fussed when we would leave him with grandparents or at the church nursery or when someone unfamiliar wanted to hold him. He was nicknamed Quiet Wyatt very early on and we just got used to it. Don't get me wrong, he is sweet and loving and CRAVES being cuddled in his rocker before bedtime but would not be a kid I term as super lovey. I have many times commented that sometimes Wyatt hurts my feelings because he doesn't seem to care that I spend every waking moment with him.

So it was a huge milestone at our house this afternoon when Wyatt expressed an "emotion phrase" on his own today,  He says "I love you" to us when we put him to bed or one of us leaves the house or when he is prompted when people leave or we are getting off FaceTime with Nana and Grandad - but never has Wyatt really spontaneously said something about how he feels...until today. 

I was loading him in the car after preschool and every Tuesday and Thursday when I am strapping him in, I always tell him that I am glad he had a good day but I missed him.  Before I could tell him though, he beat me to the punch line "miss me, momma" he said sweetly.  I thought he was asking me if I missed him (he mixes up you and me still) and then he said it again "miss me, momma".  I said did you miss me?  "Yes Momma.  Miss me!"  It just melted my heart.

He also has been fussing some when JB leaves for work in the morning.  He doesn't want him to go and he will ask to go to back to work with him when he meets us for lunch and give him good hugs when we part ways. 

Just another sign that our little guy is not so little anymore.  If I could find a way to slow time down, I would love to stay in this phase a little longer.....he is just so funny and entertaining and full of energy and life right now. We are so blessed to have you as ours, John Wyatt.

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