Thursday, October 11, 2012

What's Up, Buttercup?

Well, I had intentions to be a better blogger, but life has been busy...doing what you ask, well.....

Hanging out at the mall with Cousin Tessa and Aunt Amanda.  We try to meet up at least once a week and EVERY DAY Wyatt asks me to "go see Tessa" it is a little sad that he doesn't call her "ooh" any longer.

Learning to ride together, peacefully, in the grocery store cart :)

Enjoying our lush green grass adn beautiful weather - just as Tessa now has a true name, Sully is no longer Eesh.  it is a bit sad but great that we are seeing a lot of improvement in his speech.  Time and speech therapy are really making a difference.

SO fun to watch them play together in our backyard.  they really interact a lot now and it is sweet (and soemtimes not so sweet) but fun nonetheless to see them being true 'brother and sister'

we get FILTHY when we play outside so we are taking lots of daytime baths

Wyatt is really doing good at preschool - he even peed in the potty at school the other day!  This is his school picture.  Odd background but a great smile nonetheless (excuse the poor quality - it is a iphone pic of the picture).
Grilled cheese at the mall food court - SOOO nice to be able to go out and about without a cooler pack of food.  If there is a Sonic nearby, we are golden.

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