Wednesday, November 7, 2012

1 Year Old Abigail in review

How is my baby already 1 year old!?!?!  How did this happen? How has a year gone by? I thought Wyatt's first year flew by....but the last 365 were really a blur!

Here are her stats from her appointment a couple weeks ago: (to be filled in when I can get into her room to look in her book)


Says....Hi (very enthusiastically to everyone that walks by), Dada, Doggie (for Sully and all other dogs), Juice, Bubba or WyWy (for Wyatt), Bye-Bye, Book, Arf Arf (when asked what the dog says), a grunting sound for pigs and "baba" for sheep and will repeat many other words fairly clearly when prompted, like pancake or thank you, but doesn't use them spontaneously.  She will say Mama only when she really wants something or I make her say it to get something.  She adamantly shakes her head "no" when she doesn't want to do something.

She started walking at 10 months, just like Wyatt, so she is in full Frankenstein, stiff legged running now.  She is a good eater.  Adores her brother, but also loves to push his buttons.  Can scream like a veloceraptor if Wy takes something away from her or she is being removed from climbing something (usually the fireplace).  She likes people, waves at everyone and does a few party tricks....When you ask her to say Bye, she does a routine of waving while saying Bye Bye and then blows kisses.  She is a big mimic.  She LOVES to sing and dance and will groove to any music she hears, even at the grocery store where I rarely notice it. 

The first 6-7 months of her life were quite challenging.  A lot was just learning to juggle two kiddos but she also was VERY demanding and didn't like to sleep.  She has since started to sleep much better (very rarely does it take longer than 10 minutes to get her down and she sleeps thru the night).  Naps are still a bit sketchy at times but she is a busy body and is just afraid Mommy and Wyatt are doing something fun while she is stuck in bed (which we usually are because that is our crafts time). She is getting better about taking a morning catnap and then an afternoon nap timed with Wyatt's (which I am enjoying immensely right now b/c I know it won't be long before he drops his nap).

She is so dang cute and adorable and just a happy child and pleasant to be around now.  I love to watch her give kisses and hugs to Wyatt without prompting and she is a big snuggler with us as well.  Our home is a very different place now that she has come along...louder, crazier and  much more fun.

Sweet Baby on the Morning of her 1st birthday!


  1. I don't think you ever showed her nursery, I want to see it!

  2. it is still a work in progress, allena, 1 year later, but I will try to post pics sometime soon.