Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Abigail's 1st Birthday......almost a month late

On Abigail's actual birthday, which conviniently fell on a Saturday (Oct. 13), we had our family over for a birthday breakfast.

As Abigail's first word was DOGGIE and they are her favorite thing, we had a doggie themed party.....I will post pics of the cute decorations and invitations (patting myself on the back) later, but here are some pics that Doc got on that fun morning.

Give me my cake (sprinkle pancakes that is!)!!

Abigail's 1st Birthday Cake

We had to hold her back from grabbing the candle but she did blow it out.


Mommy and the birthday girl.

Nana and all the kiddos enjoying the nice weather.

Of course JB stole Baby Lilly. Aunt Christal is headed in for the next steal.

It was so special to have everyone enjoying the morning.  Can't wait until next year for sweet baby Lillian's birthday.

Grandad watching Abigail drive the fort!

She thinks she is such a big kid now that she can climb up in the fort with big brother.

Showing Great Grandma Margaret her new puppy dog hat - Abigail LOVES hats!

Time for presents - this little girl is SO spoiled!

Checking out one of her new books with Nana.

Birthday girl and JuJu

She partied until she crashed....couldn't even finish her lunch ;)

Doc was there.....the pictures are the day we will get him on camera!

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