Friday, November 9, 2012

All Before 7am

My morning has gone like this....

5:30am - Wyatt is awake.  Although now in the toddler bed, he will sit on the edge with his feet hanging off, hollering to be allowed to get down (nice, huh? no, we haven't told him there is a monster that will eat him if he gets down, he has done this "permission" thing on his own and we have no plans of altering it).

5:45am - Get my face washed and contacts in (this is a big deal people - don't always get this done).

6am - Wyatt playing and watching TV.  Start folding a load of laundry from the dryer, move clothes over to the dryer from the washer.  Pick up the kitchen and start Wyatt and I some breakfast (Eggos, chef mom of the year).

6:15am - Hear Abigail up so I frantically get Wyatt his breakfast on the table and try to finish my kitchen cleanup.

6:30am - Go get greeted by a nice surprise with a beautiful aroma.  Little miss has stuck her hand down her pants and smeared poop all over herself (in the hair, all over the pajamas, etc) and all over her bed (sheets, bumper, dollies in her bed, etc). 

6:31am - Abigail straight to bath and then straight to the high chair for the breakfast of champions (Eggos). 

6:50am - Strip EVERYTHING out of her bed (even washing the bedskirt - I know it probably couldn't have made its way all the way down there but I am just grossed out).  Thank goodness the washer is empty. Use Kitchen Clorox spray to sterilize her bed. 

7:00am - Wyatt happily playing trains, Abigail eating, I decide to document this typical morning in my house and finally eat the breakfast that has been waiting for me since 6:15am.  Still tastes good although a little cold. 
Cold tea and waffle, anyone?
My father-in-law commented the other day that my job was 'herding monkeys' to which I had jokingly replied "thank goodness they only throw feces every once in a while!".  Thanks, Abigail, for keeping it real!

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  1. Oh my gosh. Cannot imagine. We have avoided anything poop related so far. Praying that continues w/ baby gurl!