Thursday, November 8, 2012


This was the first year of trick or treating for us as a family.  Wyatt's first halloween he didn't get it.  Second Halloween Abigail was just a couple weeks old and he still didn't really get it, but this year - he got it!

A lot of it was age and they also had been doing halloween activities at preschool.  He did great running up to houses, shouting 'trick or treat' when they opened the door and giving hearty 'THANKS!' when given goodies.

It was too much fun!

Such a cute pic....mommy needs to notice backgrounds a lot more though. ahhhh...the garbage can ;)

Our litte Zebra

Wyatt loved helping pull the wagon.

My sweet family.  Is that not the cutest train conductor you have ever seen?!?!?

Zebra Abigail and Spider Ryder (we will show this pic at their high school graduation party one day).

Checking out their loot.  Wyatt was actually asking me to open candy for Abigail to eat.  It was very sweet.  Wyatt's favorite candy was Skittles.

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