Monday, November 12, 2012

On the Injured List

About once a day, although usually more, one of my children injures me. JB will say I am also a bit clumsy or that I am always going 110mph so I have a tendency to injure myself as well sometimes, but I have come to accept it as part of the job, but it doesn't make the blows (actual PHYSICAL blows) hurt any less, though.

Today alone, my toenail has been cracked quite severely and I have a sore left cheekbone.

Wyatt was vigorously playing trains this morning and apparently, I put my toe a little too close to the track and Koko the train drove (I should probably say collided with the force of an annoyed toddler behind her) straight into my big toe.  I got an immediate apology (with a smirk) that went something like 'oops, sorry mommy. your foot was in Koko's way!'. I wasn't paying attention because I was hollering at Abigail to get down from Wyatt's chair where she was standing up dancing and laughing at my attempts to get her to sit down.

Then as Abigail and I were reading books before nap in her chair, she was calmly babbling and WHAMO, her right arm flew up liked it was possessed (think Pheobe Cates in that scene from 'Drop Dead Fred', an obscure but fantastically funny movie).  Clocked me perfectly in the left cheekbone. 

I am sure more injuries will occur throughout the day and it goes beyond saying that I am SO glad it is now jeans season to hide what appear to be spousal (but are actually parental)  abuse bruises to my legs.

So, put me on the injured list, but know that I'll still be in the game!

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  1. At least yours are unintentional acts by your children. Ha.