Saturday, November 10, 2012

Undies and a Toddler Bed

Wyatt update!

We are now in underwear always at home and in pull-ups when out and about.  He stays dry and pees in public toilets (although he is his father's kid and immediately demands to go home when he feels the urge).  The pull ups are really for me.  I don't want to mess with clean up when I am out and about.  Bad, lazy mom, yeah yeah.

Poop is still a hard thing. He will just hold it until he gets himself stopped up (thank goodness for miralax) and then ends up going in his diaper at night. BUT, we are making progress.

Chuggington trains are great poop prizes! (fuzzy iphone pic)

Also a big milestone - we changed Wyatt's crib to a toddler bed.  No real reason except that we will eventually start night training and we just decided it was about it.  Probably jinxing us, but he has been in it for about a week now and so far he has only gotten back out of bed once and that was at naptime one day and he REALLY needed KoKo the train to come to bed with him. ;)

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