Saturday, December 29, 2012

PINspired - Layered Necklaces

I love and hate Pinterest, but have to admit I am a Pinaddict. 

In addition to fun ideas for my kiddos and decor, I like to take style tips for Pinterest, because, let's face it - I don't have any on my own.

Latest PINspiration is this....

This pic is from an etsy shop HERE

I love the layered look in clothes now why not expand into jewelry?  Then I was at dinner with some girlfriends a few weeks ago and one of my besties, Amy, had on one of those simple sideways cross necklaces and I knew that was my starting point. 

I found it by chance in the next few days when I as going shopping at the Barse store in Downtown FW for a Christmas gift.  GREAT shop by the way - worth the trip downtown. I have been wearing Barse turquoise stuff that I buy from Dillard's for a while now but this shop has some really pretty unique things and reasonable prices.

Then I wandered into Francesca's just for a minute that same day and by itself on a random necklace hanger with a bunch of costume jewelry was a great turquoise drop on a gold chain.

I still want to get a gold feather (LOVE feathers) to add as the longest chain, but I am pleased with my progress so far!

Sideways Cross - Barse - $25
Turquoise Drop - Francesca's - $15

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas with the Cruds

Since right after Thanksgiving one of my kids has constantly been fighting the crud and the nastiness has continued on into the holiday season. Poor boogers.

We were hosting my family Christmas Eve, despite the coughing and running noses.  My parents came into town a day early so we got to spend a good amount of time with them and on Christmas Eve my sister called to say my niece had a bug and they were going to stay at home to spare us catching it.

So, we had a nice quiet evening of opening presents, playing with new toys and then heading to bed. 

Cool new remote train

posin' with snotty noses

Look at all those teeth....10 in all.  At this age, Wyatt barely had a couple in the front!

Christmas morning Wyatt was melting before we even got into the living room (although Santa presents did help his mood) and we made the call we would not be heading to spread our germs to the Strong side of the family.  He later spiked a fever and had chills after he woke up from nap so it confirmed our idea of staying home.

Santa brought a big HUGE tent and, as requested, Cranky the Crane (although apparently he expected Cranky to be larger because he kept on saying "Oh a LITTLE Cranky the Crane" haha....there is a larger one - it was over $100 - not going to happen).

Abigail's stash wasn't as impressive....bowl with her name on it, book, toothbrush holder haha.  But she loved the tent as well.

HAHA, I am touching Wy-Wy's Cranky the crane - just waiting for him to scream!!

Wyatt was trying to relax and watch a movie on the couch in the afternoon and Little Sis just wasn't leaving him alone, so JB and Abigail went to his parents for a short visit.  It was cold and snowing by this point!

Bundled up and headed to JuJu and Doc's

Even with snotty noses and coughing, we had to go out in the snow for a bit!

I so rarely get pics with my munchkins.  Thanks for the cheesin' Wyatt!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Homemade Fun

Pinterest and I have a love/hate relationship. 

I LOVE it because it gives me great ideas to feed my family better, do things more efficiently around my house, find products and gifts I would have never thought of and discovery neat things that I can do with my kiddos.  I hate pinterest because it sucks me in like a marathon of the real housewives and I will waste some of my precious nap times playing on it instead of getting things done around the house and it also makes me realize how un-crafty and a piss-poor decorator I am.

BUT, here is the fun we have been having thanks to it...

Homemade Playdoh - HERE

I am not the best holiday decorator, but I let Wyatt help me glue the letters on their backings and we talked about what we are "thankful" for. It was a good little lesson that we discussed daily.  I want my children to know and understand THANKFUL very early on.
Free Printable HERE


Saw something about them on pinterest - buy them for CHEAP in a floral department at a crafts store.  They are TEENY TINY and grow in water - people use them in floral arrangments. NOTE...they do not shrink down very fast at all. I have a big cake pan of them drying out on my counter for a week now.
Our Santa Countdown - I know Santa is not the reason for the season, but he is a big part of it and Wyatt is learning about all parts of holidays.  This is our Santa countdown.  We put another cotton ball on every night.  Wyatt understands that after we put on the last cotton ball, Santa will come and bring him a Cranky the Crane (no worries - found it on Amazon yesterday and put my order in). 
Free Printable HERE



Not Pinterest - but it is amazing how many hours of entertianment a toddler can get out of two toilet paper rolls and a piece of constructin papter...
Redneck Binoculars.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Great Green Bean Standoff

Currently Wyatt has an aversion to green beans and MANY other veggies and random foods.  I know it is a phase.  He used to eat or at least try anything.  Now if I try to get him to eat anything new he puts it in his mouth, gags (doesn't even try to chew it) and spits it out. 

Wyatt loves breakfast food and PB&J's are always yummy.  The kid will kill for a trip thru the drive thru for some nuggets and fries (he is his momma's son).  He will eat healthy snacks of fruit and cheese, carrots and yogurt smoothies.  But when dinner time rolls around, so begins the battle.

I TRY to cook some sort of healthy dinner at least 5 nights a week.  I slave over a hot stove while playing referee between he and Abigail, and try to time it correctly so it is ready to eat, yummy and hot when my hubby walks in the door.

Then we sit down to our nicely prepared dinner and......all hell breaks loose.  Wyatt will take one look at what is on his plate (and it is normal stuff, nothing strange), and exclaim, without taking even ONE bite. "I'M DONE!" and demand to be let down.  This triggers Abigail (who was happily eating meatloaf and green beans) to throw her hands up and holler "DONE!" Mind you, this usually happens even before my own butt hits my seat as I have just served everyone else's plates......and you wonder why I am so skinny! Getting the chance to sit down for 10 minutes of a peaceful meal is just NOT happening at our house....or at least it wasn't.

Earlier this week, I declared "I AM DONE!" (note I do this a lot - I am done with cleaning because people just keep trashing the house, I am done with a family member because they are driving me crazy, etc).  JB knows it is just my catch phrase of exasperation.

But on Sunday night, I decided I was going to win.  So I told Wyatt he was not getting down from the table until he ate one teeny tiny bite of green beans.  There was lots of screaming, crying,  begging happening from both of us.  Finally after an hour and a half, Abigail was headed to bed and JB came to "relieve me".  I came back from putting Abigail down to Wyatt smiling, eating a banana. 

Me: "He ate the green bean?!!?
JB: "No, but it wasn't going to happen."
Wyatt: "Look, me eating my banana like a monkey. Ooh Ooh Aah Aah".


SO, I did what I do many times for help in these situations - I went to the internet and looked on the mom boards.  And I found out we are definitely not the only ones messing with this and we are going about it wrong.

I found a comment from a mom who offered the idea of serving them just as you have, but with a couple more extra healthy options on their plates.  Change dinner time to stop being such a time of fighting and bring back the harmony.  So the next evening I did just that, adding some apple slices and few pieces of cheese on his plate.  IT WORKED.  We had a pleasant meal - long enough for me to actually eat the food I had cooked.  Abigail finished her food.  Wyatt mostly ate his apples and cheese and then tried a few bites of the chicken. 

So this is our new plan of action.  Stop making dinner a time of tension and fighting.  Let it go back to being a good family time and then gradually start asking Wyatt to introduce different foods back into his diet.  I will keep you updated on our dinner battles.  Please feel free to chime in with tips!