Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas with the Cruds

Since right after Thanksgiving one of my kids has constantly been fighting the crud and the nastiness has continued on into the holiday season. Poor boogers.

We were hosting my family Christmas Eve, despite the coughing and running noses.  My parents came into town a day early so we got to spend a good amount of time with them and on Christmas Eve my sister called to say my niece had a bug and they were going to stay at home to spare us catching it.

So, we had a nice quiet evening of opening presents, playing with new toys and then heading to bed. 

Cool new remote train

posin' with snotty noses

Look at all those teeth....10 in all.  At this age, Wyatt barely had a couple in the front!

Christmas morning Wyatt was melting before we even got into the living room (although Santa presents did help his mood) and we made the call we would not be heading to spread our germs to the Strong side of the family.  He later spiked a fever and had chills after he woke up from nap so it confirmed our idea of staying home.

Santa brought a big HUGE tent and, as requested, Cranky the Crane (although apparently he expected Cranky to be larger because he kept on saying "Oh a LITTLE Cranky the Crane" haha....there is a larger one - it was over $100 - not going to happen).

Abigail's stash wasn't as impressive....bowl with her name on it, book, toothbrush holder haha.  But she loved the tent as well.

HAHA, I am touching Wy-Wy's Cranky the crane - just waiting for him to scream!!

Wyatt was trying to relax and watch a movie on the couch in the afternoon and Little Sis just wasn't leaving him alone, so JB and Abigail went to his parents for a short visit.  It was cold and snowing by this point!

Bundled up and headed to JuJu and Doc's

Even with snotty noses and coughing, we had to go out in the snow for a bit!

I so rarely get pics with my munchkins.  Thanks for the cheesin' Wyatt!

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