Thursday, December 13, 2012

Homemade Fun

Pinterest and I have a love/hate relationship. 

I LOVE it because it gives me great ideas to feed my family better, do things more efficiently around my house, find products and gifts I would have never thought of and discovery neat things that I can do with my kiddos.  I hate pinterest because it sucks me in like a marathon of the real housewives and I will waste some of my precious nap times playing on it instead of getting things done around the house and it also makes me realize how un-crafty and a piss-poor decorator I am.

BUT, here is the fun we have been having thanks to it...

Homemade Playdoh - HERE

I am not the best holiday decorator, but I let Wyatt help me glue the letters on their backings and we talked about what we are "thankful" for. It was a good little lesson that we discussed daily.  I want my children to know and understand THANKFUL very early on.
Free Printable HERE


Saw something about them on pinterest - buy them for CHEAP in a floral department at a crafts store.  They are TEENY TINY and grow in water - people use them in floral arrangments. NOTE...they do not shrink down very fast at all. I have a big cake pan of them drying out on my counter for a week now.
Our Santa Countdown - I know Santa is not the reason for the season, but he is a big part of it and Wyatt is learning about all parts of holidays.  This is our Santa countdown.  We put another cotton ball on every night.  Wyatt understands that after we put on the last cotton ball, Santa will come and bring him a Cranky the Crane (no worries - found it on Amazon yesterday and put my order in). 
Free Printable HERE



Not Pinterest - but it is amazing how many hours of entertianment a toddler can get out of two toilet paper rolls and a piece of constructin papter...
Redneck Binoculars.

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