Monday, January 14, 2013

Cookies! Num Num Num Num!

Probably jinxing myself and the whole family by saying this....but I think that the nasties have finally left our house.  I realized last week that no one is coughing and everyone is feeling pretty good.

Last week Wyatt started back to preschool (he is a big 3 year old now - post on that soon).  He loves it - so glad we made that decision (and stuck with it through my anxiety).  He says the darnedest things lately...I hope to remember to document them all.  On Tuesday it was pouring rain when we went to school.  He entered the classroom saying "Hello. WHEW! I made it.  That was close!" haha.  When his teacher Mrs. Dawn laughed, he looked at her like she was crazy and said "It was close! It is really raining out there!".  OH WYATT!  Just hope he doesn't bring home any germs from school!!

Last week we also took an afternoon trip to Bluebonnet Bakery.  One of our FAVORITE places for cookies - they make these great thin sugar cookes in all sorts of shapes (be wary of the green and blue ones - strange poop follows for days!). 

It was a fun outing.  I hadn't been to their new location in an old chapel so it was a treat for all. 

Abigail of course had to sit on her knees like big brother, Wyatt ;)

Yum! Black Icing!

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