Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Back in the Saddle

I am sorry the last few posts have been debbie-downers.  On to happier things!!

I am a planner.  I like living by a calendar but have gotten off routine lately and that has me all out of sorts.  I lost my focus for a bit....the focus being Wyatt and Abigail. 

Before children, when I worked outside the home, all house chores were done in the evenings and weekends. So now I have changed careers, the hours I used to spend "tax accounting" are now traded for "mommying".  And my kiddos MORE than deserve at least 8 hours of my focus each day.  Being at home means I can do some house chores during the day, but if  I don't clean the house thoroughly or do 5 loads of laundry, it is okay - I found a way to do it in the "off hours" with my old job, it can wait until the off hours again (although they are much fewer now in my current job).

Instead of a schedule by time, I decided that I should instead make a list that focuses on the things that should happen during the day. 

1. Breakfast, lunch, snacks (healthier, stop doing the drive-thrus so much, I have to sit down and eat too, not frantically do housework while they eat).
2. Naps (preferably to coincide, so #10 can happen)
3. Outside Time (fresh air is good for everyone - now that I am on some stronger meds the Cedar can't get to me!!)
4. Outing outside the house
5. Independent Play (Wyatt is a pro.  Abigail is failing miserably - 2nd child syndrome?)
6. One load of laundry (I am actually limiting myself here - I feel like I run the washer/dryer ALL DAY).
7. One cleaning item (one bathroom cleaned, one room dusted, vacuuming the main house, all the sheets changed, etc).
8. Organized activity/craft with both (Really going to have to research this and figure some out that are possible for both ages - suggestions anyone?).
9.  Learning activity for Wyatt (working on letters/numbers)
10. Mommy "me" time (coincides with #2 - sit my butt on the couch, eat a pickle and catch up on my TiVo)
11. Mommy "business" time (bills, emails, house stuff, etc)

The above to me is a full and balanced day.  When I start to lose focus, want to just throw the kids in front of the TV because they aren't playing well, or get obsessed about something in the house that needs to be cleaned/organized, I can go back to the list and if we should be doing one of our daily items instead. I didn't put things like read books or normal playtime on my list as those are givens. 

Not on the list but changes I am going to work on:

 - I am going to wake up to an alarm in the mornings, shower and get dressed (hopefully before the kids get up - instead of them being my alarm clock like I have been doing lately)
 - Even if we might not have big plans to leave the house, we will all be dressed in actual clothes after breakfast (sorry to my husband for seeing me in pajamas so much lately).
 -  I will NOT expect so much of myself where the housework is concerned (I will applaud myself for the small things I get done and also applaud myself for letting things go).
 -  I WILL remember that my first priority and main job during the day is WYATT AND ABIGAIL.

I think this is going to really benefit the kids - I used to spend all Monday trying to get the laundry done (constantly frustrated when it didn't happen) and Fridays were our fun relaxing day and maybe we will morph back to more of that schedule as Abigail gets older and they play better, but for now we needed to try something different so I will let you know how it goes. I am sure I will have days I fall into my old ways.

Any tips, fellow mommies out there, about schedules? What about activities for a 3 year old and 1 year old?

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  1. This is great!! I especially love that you want to eat a pickle during your 'me' time. Czech through and through!! Best wishes for success! I have a mental list for my maternity leave but don't plan to start on it for another month or two. I will be sure to blog about it too!!