Monday, February 4, 2013

February be kind to us....

Since Thanksgiving we have been constantly fighting illness. We are passing colds/viruses/etc around and just can't seem to get well. I thought maybe January would take a turn for the better, but I was wrong and in true Strong Sickness Streak style, we sent it out with a bang.

Wyatt got an earache a week and a half ago. We put him on antibiotics for the first time. Abigail started running random high fevers of 102/103. Wyatt turned into Satan's spawn and even had such an awful day at preschool that his teacher met me at the door when I arrived to pick him up. We took Wyatt off antibiotics, he returned to a normal human, had Abigail flu tested (negative) and then Wyatt started running the random high (103/104) fevers. In the middle of all this illness there were also random occurrences, like Sully havign his own tummy issues (barfing in his bed), our garage door breaking right before I had to take the kids to the doctor (trapping us so I had to call JB to come help us out of the house), and some random explosive diapers that lead to full bed strippings and lots of laundry.

I would like to say I handled all of the above mom challenges with a smile, grace and great attitude but alas, I must admit, I whined to my friends and family and got a short temper with my husband. I threw my arms in the air and have shouted "WHEN WILL THIS END!?!?! WHEN WE WILL ALL BE HEALTHY AGAIN!?!?!"

I have felt beat down, frustrated and just down-right disenchanted with my job lately and for that I feel awful. My babies feel like crud and it is not their fault and they deserve a Mommy who is giving it 110%.

Snap out of it, Emily!

*Note: any suggestions (other than living in a bubble) as to how to get up our immunity and stay well will be greatly appreciated!

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