Thursday, February 28, 2013

Kid Update

When I started this blog so many years ago it was all about my pregnancy and then Wyatt.....since Abigail I have veered off a bit, but to return to the old is an update on the munchkins.

When he finally went to the potty at school, he was rewarded with a cake ball at Blue Bonnet Bakery!

  • Turned 3 in December, was perfectly 30 lbs and 30 inches tall at his one year appt (small for his age) 
  • Totally daytime potty-trained (diapers at night), he has FINALLY agreed to start using public restrooms, including the ones at preschool.  Up until this week, he has (since October) been going to school in underwear and holding it the entire 3 1/2 hours.  It made his teachers so sad and worried about him but I know the kid has a bladder the size of Texas and is stubborn as his parents so he would do it in his own time.
  • He narrates his life CONSTANTLY.  While riding in the car he especially talks the entire time, sometimes he sings about everything. 
  • He is really starting to ask some good questions , like "Who is God?" that sometimes make me have to really think before I answer.  He is starting to really understand more of the world around him and little things like planting seeds and watching plants grow is so fascinating to him.
  • He goes to school Tues/Thurs mornings and LOVES it.  He has little friends that he talks about and does well at school.  They have been focusing on the 5 senses lately.  On the way home today he told me that they listened to lots of music but his favorite was the 'rocker roll kind'. :)
  • Still obsessed with anything that "goes".  Cars, trucks, trains, planes, monster trucks, construction equipment, etc.  He is ALL boy.  Definitely our little engineer, if it weren't for a pesky little sister, he would stay in his room for hours building crazy train systems.
  • Sleeps in a twin bed now - no problems with the transition and loves to snuggle down in it every day for nap and bedtime
  • Still going thru a picky eating stage, but getting a little bit better. 
  • He is at that point where he seems like such a big boy some days but then again I have to remember he is still such a little guy. He is more and more fun to take to do things and is always ready to go on adventures.  We are obviously a little bias but he is just a sweet fun kid  and we cherish every minute we are with him!
Just a normal outfit for the diva.
  • 16 1/2 months old...going on 13.
  • TOTAL diva.  She loves clothes and dressing up, as in the above picture. She brings me super hero caps and hats and shoes to help her put on all the time.  She is almost all girl (it is just in them I am convinced) she likes to wear jewelry and totes around purses (they are usually filled with brother's match cars).
  • Still wears a fair amount of 9-12 month clothes, so she is super tiny for her age.
  • I can't even count all the words and phrases she knows.  She comes out with full sentences often. Unlike her brother, who has struggled with speech, Abigail amazes us every day....calling her "scary smart" is often between JB and I.  She was walking around counting "1, 2, 3!" today and has even started identifying some colors and shapes. 
  • She is going to be easy to potty train, I think. She has already gone to the bathroom a few times on the tiny training potty before bath and she tells me a few times a day that she needs to go potty, demands I take off her pants and sits on the potty.  Usually you can tell that she has just gone to the bathroom in her diaper. 
  • OPINIONATED and short tempered. She is not an easy kid, plain and simple. She does not like to be told "no" or made to do ANYTHING.  Unlike most kids her age, she cannot be distracted - if she wants something or to be doing something, there is NO way of getting it out of her head, so you just have to put up with the tantrums.
  • She throws a fair amount of tantrums.  She understands time out and we have had to use it some for her hitting us or Wyatt (oh, it makes me so frustrated she is doing this).  She will go thru the entire process and even hugs us and says sorry.
  • She still screams most of the time she is in her car seat.  I am hoping when we flip her around later this summer that MAYBE facing forward will help (please Lord, have it help, we are all at our wits end with this)
  • She gives the best and sweetest little tight hugs around your neck and tells us "i wuv oo" all the time.  It melts our hearts.
  • On a daily basis I tell her how lucky she is that she is so dang cute, because she is SUCH a challenge.
  • A climber, she is on the kitchen table or the fireplace if you turn your back for a second. 
  • She LOVES music and especially likes to shake her booty. It makes us laugh and we are always asking her to do it for us and she always obliges. 

These two keep me on my toes.  They are really starting to play more and more harmoniously together (until the screaming starts).  It is hard to get much of anything done during the day besides care for and play with them, but I have just resigned myself to the fact that my house will be a little dirtier, my dinners a little simpler and my days a little more full of fun ;)

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