Tuesday, February 5, 2013

SAHM Blues

So, as I wrote yesterday, I have felt a bit bummed with life lately.

If there is such a thing as post post post partum depression I think I was on the verge for a while. I have just been in a funk. Everyone gets a little disenchanted with their job, and being a stay at home mom, I am no different.

At times I feel like I NEVER get a break and the kids have been sick so much it is exhausting. It is the nature of the job, that it is a 24/7 career where we get some help from MDOs, preschools, a sitter or a mother/mother-in-law, but if other moms are anything like me I only call for help periodically when it is ABSOLUTELY necessary.  (READ: I actually debated about whether or not to call JB when I had started vomiting one day while having flu/virus and the kids were watching me barf in the bathroom.  I am a horribly prideful, "I'll do it myself" person - I pray a lot about this and finding a balance but it is a big struggle for me.  Definitely know it is easily one of my greatest faults.)

I am also my WORST critic. So when I don't feel like the kids are getting a full 110% good-to-go mommy it gets me down and then I start being an even more blah mommy. It happens.

So how do you get out of the mommy funk???

Well, for me I finally have to just give myself a pep talk and butt whooping. I also usually do a lot of frantic griping to JB that the house is a disaster and "since our house is not in order our lives are not in order."  So I do some good cleaning and organizing, and put pen to paper. I am a list maker - crossing things off makes me feel good. I write out to do lists for the house and most recently I have been trying to figure out a schedule for us (more on that later).

Both kids were napping at the same time the other day (picture the heaven's opening and God's divine mercy pouring down on me for 45 glorious minutes). I got an empty diaper box and started walking the house. I pulled decor off shelves that I really didn't care about and was tired of dusting (or I probably should say "not dusting"). After that I purged unworn clothes in my closet and went through my makeup drawer (if you haven't cleaned out your make up drawer in forever, it is SO enlightening and gross). Anyway, after some additional purging of Wyatt's closet junk, I felt better. My guest room is now FULL of stuff, that my friends need to come see if any of them want and then I am headed to the DE (Double Exposure - Jr League Resale Shop, if you don't have a designated donation place and are in FW I encourage you to check it out). 

What do other moms do when they get stressed? Am I the only one that cleans/organizes?

How could I be in a funk when I get to spend my days with these two precious people??

Abigail (15 months)

John Wyatt (3 years old)


  1. Maybe you just need a change of scenery? I find when I'm feeling blue I am in my own head too much and staring at the inside of my own 4 walls too much. Get outside and get some sunshine and go spend a few hours away from home. I'm feeling a little blue myself lately (although nothing bad, thank God) and am just making myself a nuisance by visiting family every day. :)

    1. You are so right, Allena. Having sick kids, we have a lot of cabin fever lately and my outings out of the house have consisted of Sonic drive-thru all too often. I also got to where I had NO schedule at all which is bad for me and the kids. Hoping our new schedule will help.