Thursday, June 6, 2013

Wyatt's First Ranger Game

This past Friday, May 31, we took Wyatt to his first baseball game for JB's birthday.  JB is a big Kansas City fan so he wasn't supporting the home team. Uncle Taylor got to come with us too - it was really sweet to have him along with us for the memory.  Special thanks to my sis who stayed at home with Abigail.

Wyatt did great.  He liked to look at all the sights and especially watch the planes.

He did have one "naughty" moment when he finished his hot dog and then promptly crumpled up the wrapper and chunked it 4 rows in front of us, bouncing it off some ladies head.  So random - he was just being 3.

He ate a hot dog, popcorn, lots of lemonade (a few trips to the bathrooms), lemon chill and ice cream from the cool plastic helmets.

Wyatt made it the WHOLE GAME and we watched the Friday night fireworks from the parking lot. He didn't even sleep in the car, but when we got home at 11pm, he promptly announced it was time to go to bed and gave everyone hugs and went to his room.

Uncle Taylor, Wyatt and JB

Proof I was there sweating with everyone else! :)

Monday, June 3, 2013

Summin' it Up in Pictures

So, what has been going on the past couple months??

Enjoying cousin time - Baby Lilly is getting so big!

Enjoying time at the Botanic Garden with our friends the Helms

Enjoying our cousin time with Tessa - can't believe she will be in kindergarten next year.  Will make us sad we won't get to see her as much.

Celebrated my birthday with a dinner at one of my favorites - Fuzzy's.  I just love Wyatt's face in this!  It says "Take the dang pic Mom!"

Then the next day, Daddy took the day off work and we all went and road Thomas the train.  At lunch afterwards, Wyatt declared his favorite part of the day was riding the hot smelly shuttle that took us from our car to the train station.  Of course ;)

JB got us tickets with "Wicked" for Valentine's/My Birthday.  We enjoyed a nice dinner and show while JuJu watched the kids.

The weather has officially started heating up and we are outside all day, every day.

.....and my children look more and more like twins everyday.

Finally, when I have NO spare time and two busy toddlers, I have somehow managed to get my backyard flowerbeds somewhat looking good - the irony!  Maybe it is because I have such good gardening helpers.  The kids are really learning about plants and Wyatt can tell you the names of many of them - so cute!

We have become pretty good at riding our bike - FINALLY. 

We have made sure everyone understands the importance of a safety helmet ;)

JB and I had a night away from the kids for the Hoffman/Lucas wedding at the Crescent in Dallas.  Thanks to Nana & Grandad. 

More cousin time with Tessa and at the Botanic Gardens

We got a new water/sensory table.  AWESOME!

Enjoyed Mayfest! YUM TURKEY LEGS!

Wyatt, age 3 years 4 months, 36 inches at Mayfest 2013

Got the pics back we had made around mid-April.  So precious.  Great Mother's Day gifts.

Wy and Abby have become pretty good buddies. Sure they argue a lot but most of the time they play pretty well together, especially outside. I can work in the flowerbeds and the entertain themselves for a while.

Abigail is still more than a little obsessed and in love with Sully. He doesn't mind it a bit. She likes  to go  climb in his crate with him when he is trying to nap.

We finally started using the ice cream maker our friends got us YEARS ago.  SOOOOO fun!

Our California cousins, the Kohns, came to visit.  Wyatt and Kurt are only 4 months apart.  They had a great time.  Wyatt told me the other day that he wanted to go see Kurt and it made him sad that Kurt lived FAR FAR FAR away.

Wyatt had his last day of preschool mid-May.  He was sad and actually cried on the way to school when I told him that  he wouldn't see Ms. Dawn until the Fall again. He LOVED preschool.  A decision that I agonized over but one that I am so glad I made.  It has been great for him.

Having fun playing together.

Abigail has hit a bit of a rough phase.  We see a lot of full-on-out throw herself on the floor, kick and scream tantrums lately.  And no, she does not spare me in public.  She really thinks people at the grocery store like to see her performances.  Ugh....just a phase I tell myself and try to remember it will ONE DAY leave as quickly as it came.  For now, we just keep her hidden away in the house and don't go out to eat much ;)

WHEW! I think that about catches us up!

A New Project

Hello Long Lost Blog Readers,

I need to apologize again for my long absence.  I was a consistent blogger with Wyatt and then came my second pregnancy and Abigail, and blogging just wasn't on the schedule and just wasn't in my heart.  I wanted to blog to have a record of our lives but I just wasn't feeling it.

One of the gals that kept me blogging this long is my friend Allena (an old friend from college).  I followed Allena's blogging when it took her to be a contributor on Austin Moms Blog.  I started following it and thought "Fort Worth needs something like this!" Long story short...I emailed the larger network it is a part of expressing interest, they matched me up with another gal, Carly, who had expressed interest, and the rest is history...or history in the making perhaps.  

My new project is

I am SUPER excited about it.  We actually launched May 20th, but I am just now getting the chance to put it on my own blog.  We have 10 contributing writers, along with my co-founder and I.  It is a great outlet for me to write about topics that are dear to my heart but I want to share them with other moms beyond my personal blog which is more a family album.  So, with this new project, I am excited to have a clearer picture of this blog and what I want it to return to - A Blog about the Strongs.  Hope to start getting some family stuff up here soon! Be patient with me though - my plate is full and overflowing with fun new responsibilities and I am still learning to juggle those along with my active family and trying to make it in bed before 1am everynight.

Momma Strong