Monday, June 3, 2013

A New Project

Hello Long Lost Blog Readers,

I need to apologize again for my long absence.  I was a consistent blogger with Wyatt and then came my second pregnancy and Abigail, and blogging just wasn't on the schedule and just wasn't in my heart.  I wanted to blog to have a record of our lives but I just wasn't feeling it.

One of the gals that kept me blogging this long is my friend Allena (an old friend from college).  I followed Allena's blogging when it took her to be a contributor on Austin Moms Blog.  I started following it and thought "Fort Worth needs something like this!" Long story short...I emailed the larger network it is a part of expressing interest, they matched me up with another gal, Carly, who had expressed interest, and the rest is history...or history in the making perhaps.  

My new project is

I am SUPER excited about it.  We actually launched May 20th, but I am just now getting the chance to put it on my own blog.  We have 10 contributing writers, along with my co-founder and I.  It is a great outlet for me to write about topics that are dear to my heart but I want to share them with other moms beyond my personal blog which is more a family album.  So, with this new project, I am excited to have a clearer picture of this blog and what I want it to return to - A Blog about the Strongs.  Hope to start getting some family stuff up here soon! Be patient with me though - my plate is full and overflowing with fun new responsibilities and I am still learning to juggle those along with my active family and trying to make it in bed before 1am everynight.

Momma Strong

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