Thursday, June 6, 2013

Wyatt's First Ranger Game

This past Friday, May 31, we took Wyatt to his first baseball game for JB's birthday.  JB is a big Kansas City fan so he wasn't supporting the home team. Uncle Taylor got to come with us too - it was really sweet to have him along with us for the memory.  Special thanks to my sis who stayed at home with Abigail.

Wyatt did great.  He liked to look at all the sights and especially watch the planes.

He did have one "naughty" moment when he finished his hot dog and then promptly crumpled up the wrapper and chunked it 4 rows in front of us, bouncing it off some ladies head.  So random - he was just being 3.

He ate a hot dog, popcorn, lots of lemonade (a few trips to the bathrooms), lemon chill and ice cream from the cool plastic helmets.

Wyatt made it the WHOLE GAME and we watched the Friday night fireworks from the parking lot. He didn't even sleep in the car, but when we got home at 11pm, he promptly announced it was time to go to bed and gave everyone hugs and went to his room.

Uncle Taylor, Wyatt and JB

Proof I was there sweating with everyone else! :)

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  1. That looks awesome and miserable (heat) all at the same time!